About Us

COZiLUMBRE.com is all about celebrating tradiciones y cultura in your family’s kitchen.  Whether you are the gatekeeper to all of abuelita’s secret recipes, a novice chef who’s never really cooked, or someone who appreciates, loves and enjoys la comida y cultura Latina and want to know more, you’re at the right place.

La cozi, la cocina or the kitchen, is the heart and soul of every casita. En la cozi aprendemos que la buena comida siempre esta hecha con amor, sazón, y mucha lumbre! We speak the love language of our ancestors and understand how deep our love runs for others through our expression of food and

cooking. That’s why, at Cozilumbre we share our magic to help you win over your loved one’s pancitas with delicious recipes, fun content and show you how to elevate sabores with the best in class cookware brands!

From super-slick nonstick and ultra-durable hard-anodized aluminum, to gleaming stainless steel and the best in kitchen utensils, bakeware, food storage, and more, we’ve specially selected products to best equipt your cocinas. Asi que, ponte bien pilas and get ready to cook off and impress your amigos y toda tu familia with your talent and COZiLUMBRE.